Reaction to Adam and Amy’s Love Story

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13 Responses to “Reaction to Adam and Amy’s Love Story”

  1. Jen Benjamin Says:

    Hey Amy,

    I really enjoyed reading your love story! I knew some of it, so it was very cool to have all of the gaps filled in.

    I love how detail-oriented Adam is in his story telling. His description and sense of timing is great, so I really felt like I experienced your story first hand. He really should write Christian self help books. His use of scripture to tie a life moment into a life lesson was fabulous!

    I really like how honest Adam is in the story about his personal journey during all of this. I can really see how you two are such a great match!

    I love how he says that no one is a stranger to either of you. I thought of you flagging down all those people in San Marcos to try and get directions to the grocery store. That’s just beautiful!

    I think it’s really fabulous that you both are so honest with each other and while you share values, you both are loyal to your own perspectives on those values while also being willing to listen to the other person. Well, you have a complicated and powerful connection.

    I love that when Adam said he wanted 6 kids (6!!) that you said you have to have one and then go from there and most people would just go along with the other person and not be true to themselves.

    I mean, most women (people) would say whatever the guy (or girl) wants to hear in order to stay in the relationship or get married or whatever.

    Adam is lucky you didn’t just say, “yeah, sure, I want six kids too!” I am so impressed by that too, Amy, knowing how much you wanted to be his wife and how strongly you desired him in your life. You put everything on the line for the sake of honesty and that is SO UNIQUE and beautiful.

    Really, people just are not that honest, even those people who say they are. It’s hard to be honest, especially when it comes down to being honest with yourself first.

    I find that many people who profess honesty and truth are not even honest with themselves and how on earth can you be a truthful person when you are not working hard to be honest with yourself first and foremost? Being honest with yourself means working on yourself and taking responsibility for your own life.

    I admire that Adam took responsibility for having that long list of what would make “the perfect woman.” Finally he realized that yes, you must have some core similarities and core values and agree on the main direction for your lives, but all the other stuff is a part of the journey!!

    Peace, Jen

  2. Amy Holzer Says:

    Oh my gosh Jen, Adam will absolutely fall over in his chair when he reads this! He’ll be so excited to read someone’s analysis of it and how it touched you.

    This is exactly what he needs to hear after devoting so many nights/weekends/all-nighters to the love-story project. Thank you for your kind words.

    It’s so neat to have a fiance who can articulate on paper the genesis of our relationship and explain with such preciseness the magnetic dynamic between the two of us.

    I LOVED reading every word of it! And, read different sections often. Each time I do, I get butterflies in my stomach thinking that this man is the man I’m going to meet at the altar before God, family, and friends very soon, vowing my life to him.

    I feel like each day that passes brings more certainty and excitement about the mate God has chosen for me.

    He’s definitely not what I thought I’d end up with, but he’s a package of joy with layers I keep unwrapping. LOVE that about our relationship.

    Thanks again for sharing.



  3. Audrey Johnson Says:

    WOW! Adam, I have spent HOURS reading your love story today. I soaked up every detail of it and enjoyed it so very much!

    I feel like I was in a Bible Study on Marriage…….or maybe reading a great book I was unable to put down.

    God has been good to you because you have been faithful to Him. I can see why you both have no reservations about your upcoming wedding.

    It is clear that the Lord has already blessed it. This story and all of your life’s experiences glorify God and present a fantastic witness to all who see or hear you.

    I cannot wait to meet Amy and bask in the joy of your godly commitment to one another on your special day. I am so glad Don and I can attend and see the story unfold firsthand.

    Love you.

  4. Juli Morrison Says:



    You are truly a poet. I knew you were gifted with the spoken word, but you also have a gift for the written word as well.

    Do you know what amazes me about your story? I met you in the midst of the transformation God was working in your heart about Amy and marriage.

     I never told you this, but the Lord used what He was doing in your life at that time to really speak to me about my own situation and views on marriage and dating. You told me to “get out of the well” (remember that conversation?) and it really convicted me about my lack of faith in the area of love. His work of grace in you truly flowed over to me, and I am so blessed to have met you during that time.

    Amy - your own life, experiences, and obstacles mirror mine so closely it is strange - so I am encouraged that the Lord will also be gracious to me and my future relationship with my husband as He has been to you and Adam’s relationship.

     I pray God’s blessings upon your marriage, children, and ministry together - to God be the glory.

  5. Ron Warkentin Says:


    I just read, cried and praised the Lord over all the ups downs of your relationship with Amy. I’m so excited for you! You provide all the proof that anyone would ever need that truth is always so much better than fiction.

    “Thanks” is only a word.

    Do you have a Literary Agent yet?

    May God bless you both with even a fraction of the blessings that you provide every day in your example and straight forward manner.

  6. Marlene Brewer Says:

    Dear Amy,

    As I read your “Love Story’ with all the ups and downs you and Adam have witnessed, I know that God has put His blessings upon you. I too cried at a lot of your happenings, but it is with all my faith that I believed God set this path for you.

    Warren and I will be there to witness your wedding celebration and reception. I cannot think of another wedding that is so important to us.

    It is sooooo nice to see family pictures so that I feel like I already know Adam’s family. I really appreciate the undertaking Adam went to to make EVERYTHING so special for both of you. I know it took a lot of time and it is well worth it. Nothing is to good for either of you.

    When you find your best friend, soulmate, and husband you have really been blessed and I know both of you have. One day you two will be the best parents, too!

    We love you dearly and hope to get to know Adam even more after your blessed wedding.


    All our love,
    Warren and Marlene

  7. Heather LeFevre Says:

    Hi Amy and Adam,

    I put “read Adam and Aims’ love story” on my list of things to do this weekend so I could share in your love more fully at your wedding ceremony. Well, I’ve spent 2 hours devouring the pages and I must say it is so amazing to read the account from Adam’s perspective after hearing it from Aims. Your love for each other is inspirational, but also your committment to live an examined life driven by your values and personal truth. Adam, I look forward to knowing you. Aims, I hope we can always be friends.


  8. Adaia Gutierrez Says:

    Dear Amy and Adam,

    I have been reading your love story for some days now. It’s such an encouragement to know that you guys are being guided by the Lord. That in the end of all the turmoil and decision making, God’s will was for you guys to get married.

    Every time I read parts of your story I learn something new. It makes me want to keep trying my hardest to make my husband happy and have a better relationship with him.

    We have been married for almost three years now and I can’t imagine spending my life with someone else. It’s nice to have someone to hold hands with all the time, a person you can call anytime of the day and they will always answer, especially someone that can pray with you and for you. IT FEELS SO GREAT!

    My prayer for both of you is that God would grant all the desires of your heart, that together both of you can TAKE A STAND for Christ and do great things for Him.

    Love, Adaia

  9. Tracy Forester Says:

    Adam and Amy,

    I have just been so touched by your beautiful love story! It was awesome reading and seeing the way you guys have honored God in every aspect of your relationship and every detail of your wedding.

    I think the openness in which you have shared your story will encourage and inspire others to do the same.

    I am so very happy for the both of you!!! God’s richest blessings to you always!!!

  10. Jennifer Guerrero Says:


    I just spent the last few hours reading all 43 pages of your love story!

    I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing.

    I am reminded of the wonderful blessing marriage is, thank you!!

  11. Kristana Slie Says:

    Adam & Amy,

    It took some time but I stayed up late last night reading your love story. I feel like I have gotten to know each of you so much better after reading the detailed account of your union.

    Adam, it is great that you are so effective with your words. Your ability to verbalize your thoughts must help with your
    communication with Amy as well, not to mention the romance of remembering every detail.

    Amy, what stood out most to me was your faithfulness through all of the emotional roller coasters. I am sure there were times when you did not know what to think. I remember when we went out for lunch one day at The Lighthouse cafe you told me a little bit of your story and how you were convinced that Adam was the one for you. It was shortly after you had the turnaround experience.

    I was awed at the time by your confidence when it did not seem that it was working out. At the time, I knew very little of the story.

    After reading the whole story last night, I am even more mystified by your steadfastness through all the ups and downs. Before I left San Antonio, I remember thinking that Adam needed to marry you.

    To Adam’s credit, I completely understand the wait. Marriage is a big decision and can be a bit scary since you only get to make the decision once.

    I am glad the two of you are finally together. Congratulations and God bless your union. You are a match made in heaven.

    Kristana Slie

  12. David Wheaton Says:

    After reading through 2,000 words of the love story, it proved to me that Adam need not worry about his day job. Romance novels would be an easy transition for him.

    It’s not remarkable to me that Adam is finally married. (The Lord literally knows how long and hard he prayed about it).

    The fascinating thing would be to actually meet his bride, Amy. Since it’s been recently proven that women talk nearly three times as much as men, maybe Adam’s gift of gab is what attracted her to him. Then again, maybe the helicopter rides, roses by the bushel, the hopeless romantic, etc. had something to do with it too.

    Whatever the reason, “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown” could certainly be replaced with the name “Adam McManus”.

    Adam is a good man because God has intervened in his life to make him so.

    Amy, you can look forward to being loved and cherished by this good man for the rest of your life.

    I wish you both nothing but God’s best in your marriage, and Lord willing, future family. As you keep your eyes focused on Christ, you will experience a little piece of heaven on earth.

    And, oh, I have a suggestion for your first baby boy: “David”.

    I guess that talk radio thing is catching.

    David Wheaton
    Host of The Christian Worldview
    Salem Radio Network
    AM 980 KKMS, Mpls./St. Paul

  13. Michelle Specia Says:

    Dear Mr. McManus,

    Thank you so much for stopping in the CVS Pharmacy today, thank you so much for striking up conversation, and, in short, thank you for everything you have given me (not talking about the credit card, my new random friend).

    When you walked in and established your quest for a “Bit ‘O Honey” candy bar, I thought to myself, ‘Here we go again, another crazy one.’

    But as you walked around, I noticed a comfortable and content manner of movement and a very happy ring in your voice and I was immediately opened to interaction with you more than I usually am.

    I had been covering for a co-worker while he took lunch and my feet hurt, and I’d just successfully held up a line of 6 people while I scrambled to find change. It’s mortifying when you’re 16 and don’t have enough change in your register. Nevertheless, I somehow survived. AND THEN my colleague came back. Glad to see ya, now, buddy.

    Anyway, point is, when you came in, I was immediately refreshed. You and your very pretty wife both had an incredible inner light shining.

    When you began talking to the other customer, who happened to share your last name, I became frightened that she might not enjoy the fact that you struck up a conversation with her. Much to my dismay and delight, she soaked it right up. Made my day and hers, to be sure.

    You handed me a card and told me to read your love story. Honestly, I thought this might be “your love story” hidden in advertisements and endorsements, since I had assumed you were some kind of personality. And I was certain that I recognized you somehow. I realize now that it was from one of your radio shows.

    “Your love story” was amazing. Perhaps life changing. Coming from a strict Catholic family, I’ve been taught more about obeying God’s rules than creating a relationship with Him. I’ve been taught to please, in essence, and not to pursue. I never knew quite what was going on, but I did it anyway.

    As I read through the pages, I was amazed by your personal connection with Christ and the scripture. I should say, I was amazed by the concept of a personal connection between all people and Christ and the scripture.  It’s just mind blowing. One thing about me is my knack for research and getting information. I began to look and ponder and google all sorts of things from the scripture. (I love the verb google, don’t you?)

    My eyes, now wide open, have a new perspective. It’s interesting to think that I’ve gone through 16 years blind, lead by the hand of tradition and authority above all else, instead being lead by the spirit within me.

    For the first time, I feel a pull from within me.

    You are both inspirational, beautiful, and shining.

    May your marriage and lives together be as long as your eternal lives with the Lord.


    Michelle Specia
    CVS Pharmacy

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