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Profound worldview differences on marriage
What a contrast to the foolishness of the world. There's not a day that goes by, when, in my enthusiasm, I share with a passing stranger at the supermarket check-out line or at the gym that I'm getting married, and I hear:

"Better enjoy your life now before you take on that ball and chain."

"Oh boy. Bail now before it's too late!"

"Why get married? Just live with her. No commitment, no hassle."

How sad! Their eyes are spiritually blinded. They cannot begin to appreciate the divine element at play. Our marriage is ultimately not about us, but ministering God's truth and mercy more powerfully together than apart.

In virtually a 10-minute time frame, my parents had spoken some powerful truths into my life. Gone was the last shred of doubt. Gone was any belabored hesitancy. At that very moment, in my heart of hearts, I knew that I would choose to enter into a sacred covenant before God and man with Amy as my bride.

Amy had become my list. It was that simple. Forget about my tired old, ridiculous laundry list of yesteryear. In hindsight, I'm embarrassed that, over the years of my belabored bachelorhood, it had grown to the length of the Mississippi River.

My best advice to the Christian single men reading this is to focus on your core "must-haves" in a woman and let God surprise and delight you with the rest. He sure came through for me in spades with the gift of Amy Holzer in my life.

The e-mail from Amy that sealed the deal
Between Hurricane Rita, the revelations in my Bible study, and my parents' counsel, I was virtually ready to pull the trigger.

Then, on December 23rd, 2005, Amy sent me an incredible e-mail.

"Dear Adam,

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and your conversations with your parents. Just as you find my vulnerability attractive, I also find your vulnerability attractive Peeeeps!

"I had a dream about our relationship. The ocean, with its tide rising and falling, was our relationship's ups and downs. When the tide came in, our relationship was at its strongest, and when it rolled back, it represented the moments of doubt or uncertainty. The entire dream was in black and white except for a beautiful flower. Maybe the flower was the color we bring into each other's lives.

"I deeply care for you Adam. I think you're a beautiful person and a friend.

"I pray that my heart's desire is God's will. I don't know if that includes us being together, but I think it's important that you know how much I value your friendship.

"You are my flower and my color Peeps ;-)

"I love you Adam McManus. Merry Christmas Peeeeeeeeeeeeps!! - Amy"

Wow! I would have to be totally brain dead if I didn't conclude that the woman who wrote that very e-mail would make the perfect Mrs. McManus.

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