Our Love Story
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The shock waves continued for Amy
Unbeknownst to me, my timing couldn't have been any better. Because she had tossed and turned all night long, wondering if I had really meant everything I had said on Christmas Day.

Later, she shared with me all the many questions that were swirling fast and furious through her mind on December 26, 2005.

"He's probably going to take this all back. I'm not going to get my hopes up. It was late after all. Does he realize what he said? Is he going to follow through? This can't be true because I don't deserve it."

I picked up the phone to call her.

"Good morning my future bride."

"I can't believe this. We're getting married, aren't we?"

"That's right. Just get used to it, honey child."

"I don't know," she said, expressing her virtual disbelief. "I keep thinking that you might change your mind. Or you're just very lonely. When's the other shoe going to drop?"

"Amy, I am totally committed to you for the rest of my life. This was clearly not a rash or rushed decision on my part. I have thought long and hard about my desire to be your husband. I'm not looking back. I want to forsake all others for you and you alone."

"I'm still just a little stunned by it all though."

"I realize it's going to take time to sink in. But let the "sinking in" begin, because it is a fact," I declared.

Adam makes plans to see Amy over Christmas vacation in San Antonio
"So, here's the deal. I want to bring in the year 2006 with you by my side. I'll book you a hotel room nearby for several nights so that you can come to San Antonio for the last several nights of 2005 as well as New Year's Eve."

"That's going to be difficult."

"Why?" I inquired.

"Because I had told my family that I would be here in Cedar Hill through New Year's."

"Well, in light of the dramatic change in your life, I think it's okay to alter your plans, don't you?"

"Even though I told my brother Damon, I haven't mustered the courage to tell my parents just yet. If you thought there was a Tsunami half a world away last year, wait 'til my mother hears this news. The winds will blow, the water will rise. It won't be pretty. She will not be happy. Oh no."

"I can totally understand. I broke your heart before and she might wonder whether anything has changed in me. Well, it has. This is it. I am 100% committed to you, even though I haven't put a ring on your finger or set a date for the wedding."

"I know that. Or I should say, I'm beginning to internalize that, but my mother's a different story entirely."

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