Our Love Story
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The selection of my best man (cont.)

Then, the competitive spirit kicked in virtually immediately. "Man, Adam, if you're getting married within the year, that leaves just me and Brett as the last single hold-outs. Neither one of us even has a prospect in sight. We better get busy lookin'."

"Yes sir. Time to kick it up a notch buddy. You need to settle down," I said jokingly to Todd who is in his mid-30's.

"Wait a minute. Not that you're one to lecture me, Mr. I'm-about-to-turn-40-and-I've-never-been-married" he said, a little defensively. "But seriously, you're ready to propose to Amy?"

"Provided I receive her parents' blessing."

"You know, as far as I'm concerned, if you two didn't tie the knot, then there was no God in heaven. I've never seen two people more in love and more perfect for each other."

"Exactly. So, why do you keep asking if I'm sure, in light of the fact that you think we're such a good match?"

"Well, Adam, most everyone who knows you thought that you two were the perfect match at the time you dated. We couldn't figure out why you didn't pull the trigger years ago. So, I guess, I'm interrogating you now, not because I'm not personally convinced that you aren't right for each other, but because I want you to be absolutely sure you're ready for this step since you were unclear before."

"That makes sense. I think between God's prompting through my study of the book of Genesis and my recent conversation with my parents and my own heart that it couldn't get any clearer. But I appreciate your rigorous cross examination."

"Any time," he said laughing again. "Let me be the first to congratulate you then. You two are going to be terrific together. I couldn't be happier for a couple."

"Which leads me to my next question."

"Oh boy."

"Todd, would you do me the honor of being my best man?"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Are you doubting me once again?"

"Well, that's a pretty big deal. Maybe I could just hold the position until you find someone more suitable."

"What is your problem? You're perfect. We're good friends, you love the Lord, and you've been through the roller coaster ride of our entire relationship."

"Alright McManus," Todd acquiesced, "but if you change your mind, and would prefer to select another guy as your best man, I'll gladly step aside."

"Would you please stop talking like that? You're being totally ridiculous."

"Alright. I give up. I'll be your best man already."

"That's more like it."

"But that brings me to the $64,000 question."

"Which is….?"

"What do you think her parents will say? You know her mother wasn't exactly your biggest fan."

"That's true. But I think that once she sees that I'm willing to commit to her daughter, she'll become my biggest fan because I plan to vow before God, family and friends to protect and care for Amy for the rest of my days."

"Okay. I can see that."

"Honestly Todd, I don't blame Deanna one bit. She just wants the best for her daughter. And, up until now, I haven't demonstrated a willingness to go the distance. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm still pretty nervous about how it's all going to play out. But I've never been more certain about anything: Amy will be my bride," I stated with a surge of confidence.

"Excuse me. I don't know who you are. But can you please put Adam McManus back on the phone?" Todd said jokingly.

"Very funny. You're a barrel of laughs," I said.

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